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We love challenging the traditional banks

We love challenging the traditional banks

We challenge by delivering more beautiful products. You can see that it is more beautiful in its simplicity, easier to understand and if you realize it's also more easy to follow. Sounds great, right?
We produce brilliant customized ETF baskets. Do you want to subscribe to one?


The customer receives investment proposals based on his risk profile, derived from a 5 question test. And Solid long-term results are being built over time.
Just like IKEA, you buy the product, and assemble it yourself:
-As a customer, you will get a dynamic, customized investment plan for ETF trading, but you are in charge of the trade.
It contains fund name, ISIN code and how much percent of your total investment you are going to trade on each product.

The value

Stabila Fonder analyzes 1,300 investment funds every month and more than 800 ETFs and ETN components.
An example:
Each investment fund has at least 4 active employees, and holding about 100 different components.
When investing in 8 investment funds, you get exposure to approximately 800 different companies.

By investing in 8 funds, you will get a team of 4x8 = 32 people that work each month to create value, totaling 32x 160 = 5120 hours to create more value for the company.
Then we look and evaluate these investment funds and choose those that fit your profile!
All this for only 14 USD / month, no binding time, no hassle.
-And at the price of a lunch in the town, you can get a dynamically tailored investment plan with a dedicated team that works 5120 hours/month for you.
-Does it make sense?
Let us go fishing for the best